Bromberg LLC provides contract Chief Operating Officer support to owners of small and mid-size companies.

Bromberg LLC helps businesses get in the habit of growing revenues, maintaining strong profitability, and inspiring employees to do their best work.

Clients – the business owners – benefit from:

  • A successful general manager and operations professional who focuses on how well the company is defining, implementing, and delivering on the overall strategy
  • Relentless attention to the results that matter
  • An unusual resource: a true co-conspirator with great experience, outstanding instincts, strong people and process skills, the ability to make stuff happen, and an ever-present sense of humor
  • Improving revenues, profitability, and employee satisfaction
  • Being freed up to spend more time on the work they like and do best

Folks start companies because of a vision and a passion, but it’s very common for those same founders to need a counterpart, a problem-solver skilled at making the vision a reality. I love helping my clients achieve their aspirations, continuously improve and grow, and, throughout the process, enjoy the ride.

And folks tell me I’m darn good at it.

Jack & Suzy Welch: “We consider Jeremy Bromberg a smart, experienced, creative, and trusted professional of the highest integrity. We love his candor, and his ability to say difficult things in ways others can hear. 

Yes, that quote is real. So now click the Continue button to read about Focus & Results.



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