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Stretch Goals Are Very Achievable

Last year, when the CEO of a Bromberg, LLC client company told one of his clients how he had just lost three key employees and seen a dramatic drop in revenues the man simply replied, “you’re dead.”  Eighteen months later, the company is coming off its best three-consecutive months of sales in its nearly 20-year history, the workplace environment is incredibly positive, and, according to my client, “we are doing everything better than we ever have.”

Another Bromberg, LLC client is launching a non-profit intending to raise funds for cancer research. The revenue-generating product will be made in China, shipped to a US fulfillment center, and distributed from there for both institutional and e-commerce sales. When I told a friend how my intention was to set up the inventory control, manufacturing, and fulfillment processes to work at the “click of a button,” I was told, “there’s no way to do that.”  My client and I just visited a resource that will provide exactly that capability, thus enabling more of the net proceeds to go to clinical research.

How can you get these results?  First, don’t be shy – define your ideal solution. Don’t allow this dream to become encumbered by obstacles – just go for it. Second, think what would have to take place in order for that ideal to occur. Think in terms of “how yes,” and not “why not.”  If at this point you believe that it is humanly possible to come close to achieving the ideal, grab hold of the goal and don’t let go. Stay committed and passionate about that prize. When challenges arise – and of course they will – stay true to the dream, and keep asking “how yes?”  If you have reason to believe, you’ll find a way to achieve.

Over the years on American Top 40, Casey Kasem used to conclude his broadcast by saying, “keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”  I say, dare to be great.

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