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Five Easy Pieces

Where Are You Going?

How often do you climb into the driver’s seat, start the car, and begin driving – without knowing your destination? In that same spirit, do you know where your company is going?

When driving, you usually know at least your destination’s address. Do the same with your business: pick a place you want to go, and start driving. Keep it simple – but make it a reach. My clients are looking to do stuff like:

  • Grow revenues 15-25% per year, every year
  • Increase company value by making valuable assets enduring and transferable
  • Own companies where people love to work
  • Work at companies they love to own

If your goal or route isn’t working for you, adjust it. You can change your route / mind, but do be a little patient, and think. Constant change will probably just have you driving around in circles, and I’m guessing dizzy isn’t your destination.

Quick Thoughts:

Focus on serving clients and supporting employees. Pay little attention to the competition.

Having decided where you want to go and why it’s a good idea, take action, observe, think, discuss, correct / adapt / adjust, repeat. Creating detailed plans slows progress and often set unrealistic expectations.

Manage to the result you want. What result do you think you’ll get if you don’t?

Bumper sticker: Don’t believe everything you think.

Every leader needs a counterpart, a co-conspirator, a foil to make sure they are staying on target, on point, focused, accountable, and reasonable.

Keep the Culture Alive!

Companies need to grow if they are going to provide better wages, benefits, training, and the other tools driving employee performance and customer satisfaction – and a good return for the owner! A major contributor to slowed / stalled growth is often the fear of how change may destroy what has made the company special. But that ought not be the case. Growth does not require surrendering values and character. In fact, results will be stronger when you treat company culture as a core objective to be consciously maintained. A focused and happy workforce is one that delivers growth.

Questions I Like to Ask

What business are you in?

How does customer experience and satisfaction figure in to your approach to work?

What slows your business down, and what propels you the fastest? Are your efforts aligned with your answers?

How is your time divided between looking ahead and reacting to current problems?

What are you doing that makes you confident your company will earn more revenue and bigger profits?

What advice do you give to others that you don’t follow yourself?

Check out the new website!

I am very excited to announce the new Bromberg LLC website. Big thanks go to Andy, Wes, and the other teenagers over at Modernist Media; Noelle Grattan at –ing designs; several reviewers, and those generous souls providing kind-hearted testimonials. The new site provides better information for potential clients, referral sources, and the general population, and features moi in four short videos! Cutting edge, baby, cutting edge. Visit often, send your friends, and enjoy.

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