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Growing Success

When it comes to business, I love growth. I love the challenge of constantly finding ways to improve company performance and results.

What does growth mean to me?

  • Growth is the means by which businesses and owners create jobs and wealth, and support elements of human fulfillment
  • Growth means raises, bonuses, training, and improved benefits
  • Growth yields rewarding career development paths for employees
  • Growth is what happens when businesses stay attentive to (potential) customers
  • Growth is less of a strain when there is clear alignment of employee skills and interests with company needs
  • Growth happens faster and for longer time periods when there are employees responsible for and focused on managing
  • Growth is even more fun when staying true to the small-company culture and personality
  • Growth often scares longer-term employees; while they speak to losing culture their greater concern is often their own potential loss of influence and standing
  • Growth accelerates in a culture of collaboration, innovation, and improvement
  • Growth is validation of what and how the business is doing

What does growth mean to you?

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