Focus And Results

You want great results, and so do I. For me, great results involve a combination of innovation, client focus, growth, profit, high-quality execution, and a cohesive and upbeat workforce.

As a contract COO and problem-solver, I help my clients: articulate an overall goal / vision for the company, do some rough planning, and keep moving forward down the path we’ve defined and continue to refine. We won’t work on all areas at once, but we will touch them all. We’ll stay focused on what matters most, get results, and build off those results.

Think of this approach like getting compound interest, back when banks actually paid out interest.

Here’s a sampling of the types of results you can expect when working with me:

  • Growing revenues
  • Strong profitability
  • Improved project / product margins
  • Balanced, sustainable workloads
  • Cohesive, organized management team
  • Company structure organized for scale
  • Clear, consistent marketing message
  • Instructive business performance analytics
  • Calm, focused, upbeat organization

(Your actual results will depend on the objectives of my assignment!)


Denise Aronson, CEO: “Jeremy never wavers from his goals. He uncovers what makes the business unique, pays close attention to the people (what they like, what they are good at), and he preserves good culture and values. Jeremy then works to improve systems and processes to allow the company to grow and be vibrant.

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