JB’s History

So how did I become a contract Chief Operating Officer?

1976-1980: Kenyon College was where I majored in Spanish. Really.  Es la verdad.

1981-1985: Fairchild Semiconductor, arguably the original Silicon Valley semiconductor manufacturer, was where I started learning about business. My career began with inventory and factory planning, and I then decided I wanted “out of the frying pan and into the fire,” so I migrated to manufacturing leadership roles in computer chip fabrication. Much to my surprise, frankly, I advanced quickly through the ranks and discovered I was good at managing people.

1985-1986: Intercept Microelectronics introduced me to start-up company mode. I observed that companies that don’t work at sales or attract investment have short lifetimes. (To be fair, it was truly awful timing for starting a semiconductor company, even in Silicon Valley.) It was here I began to fall in love with the small company environment. And good food.

1986-1994: Teradyne was a wonderful education and experience. My major accomplishment was being central to the design and implementation of a cross-functional new product development process. I worked as a project manager for the development of very high technology products – products that required the integration of hardware, software, and mechanical engineering with all other company functions. I was the very first non-technical project manager the software group accepted help from.

1994-2008: Eidetics was where I hit my stride. I led the day-to-day operations of a professional services firm serving the BioPharmaceutical industry, and under my leadership the firm grew revenues more than 850% over 13 years, while maintaining an annual 95% employee retention rate. This is where I learned how a business can be great and decent. Quality of work, quality of life, while maintaining the small-company feel as you grow larger.

2008: I heard the words, “I bet there are dozens of firms in the Boston area* that could use a piece of a COO.”

* To be clear: I’ll go anywhere, but Boston and San Francisco Bay Areas are preferred.

Carl Rosenblatt, Business Unit Manager: “Jeremy has unusual abilities for a non engineer working with / helping direct engineering activities. His abilities in leading, integrating, and forming teams based on mutual respect are exemplary and would be a great addition to any team.

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