Skills / Expertise

My clients know they can count on me to:

  • Listen
  • Think clearly about what really matters (cut through the clutter)
  • Solve a wide range of problems
  • Counsel
  • Develop processes
  • Get results
  • Provide support and/or leadership

Most of the folks who start companies are technical experts, and have less perspective, feel, and patience for the people and process stuff. Management teams often include individuals who are tremendous talents in their discipline, but have less empathy for the work of the other functions.

I have a lot of experience leading teams, leading projects, and managing people. My hands-on responsibilities have included general management, resource management, pricing, new product development, business development support, business performance tracking and analysis, organizational structure, planning, and more.

By getting to know the people (note: people tend to open up to me) and figuring out how to align their skills and interests with company goals and needs, it becomes much easier to generate the results we all want to see.


Francis Gouillart, CEO: “Jeremy is excellent at all aspects of operations. It is like having a CFO, Head of HR, Head of Business Development and personal coach all wrapped into one. He is an analytically rigorous financial person, has a strong instinct for people, and is excellent at conceptualizing strategic options and how to make them into reality.

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